The Lewes Designer: Emma Carlow


I was very excited to meet Emma Carlow.

Since moving to Lewes many people have asked me “have you met Emma Carlow?” after saying that, well actually no I haven’t, a typical response would be “oh, you would really like her” or “really? She is great, you should meet her” or “how have you not met her? Everyone knows Emma, she’s brilliant!” Needless to say when I started The Lewes Home and a friend recommended that I contact the legend that is Emma Carlow for a blog feature, there was absolutely no hesitation on my part! Continue reading “The Lewes Designer: Emma Carlow”

The Lewes Shop Owner


Sharon Makgill is literally radiant. I don’t know how she does it but she just glows…

Not just because she loves colour and is always colourful, she radiates positivity and love. It sounds a bit panegyric I know, but I also know that if you met her you would say the same. Everyone does. When I ask her to tell me a little about herself she tells me that other people have called her “a walking rainbow”. This is the perfect description of her and the perfect description to someone who has never met her. Continue reading “The Lewes Shop Owner”